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Dear Bread Connoisseurs!


It is with much excitement and a hint of sadness that I am writing this message to you today to inform you that as of November 1st, I will be discontinuing my bread subscription services in order to begin a journey towards adventure and growth.


This means the last bread pickup day for everyone - weeklies and biweeklies - will be on Wednesday October 25th.

I have decided to pursue a new and exciting business venture. I cannot yet disclose the exact details of this project, except to say this much: The mission of The Bakery on 22 St. has always been to ultimately provide a better loaf of bread for its community by showcasing the complex flavor profiles of cooked fermented grains while rigorously considering the broader impacts of food on our bodies and environment, and that these guiding principles will continue to be the foundational pillars upon which this new venture will be built. However, as the development phase of this enterprise will require my full time and attention, it is regrettably necessary for me to discontinue all subscription programs at this time.


I will of course be refunding any remaining balances and The Bakery on 22 St. will still be making occasional appearances at farmers markets over the winter. Please follow the Bakery website, MCFM website, and Neighborhood Roots website, as updates about exact locations and dates will be posted soon.


I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your loyalty and support. I have enjoyed baking for you over the past 2 years and I am grateful for the trust you have placed in me, and for your love and appetite for real bread. As a special thank you offer, I will be making preorders for the winter markets available only to past subscribers. More details on that will also be posted on the Bakery website so please stay tuned.


And for those of you who have been with me for over a year - some of you from the very beginning - I would like to extend a special thank you! It is your continued support that has enabled me to improve and refine my baking skills to the point that I now feel confident enough (or at least brave enough…) to pursue this opportunity. There will definitely be more special offers and rewards coming your way so please keep an eye out for more details on that in the not-too-distant future.


So, with the spirit of flour power, a fist-full of courage and a hopefully healthy dose of self-doubt, I am signing off for now. And in the meantime, you guessed it -  please try to eat more vegetables!


Hope to see you all again soon on the other side of this growth spurt,

Omri the baker.

You will still be able find us at winter markets:


And also at:


Sat 11/4/2023, Sat 12/2/2023, Sat 12/16/2023,Sat 1/20/2024, Sat 2/3/2024, 

Sat 2/17/2024,Sat 3/2/2024, Sat 3/16/2024, Sat 4/6/2024, Sat 4/20/2024


Sat 2/17/2024, Sat 3/9/2024

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