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Dear Bread Connoisseurs!


It is with much excitement (and a hint of sadness) that I am writing this message to inform you that The Bakery on 22 St. is retiring from Farmers Markets in order to pursue a new adventure, producing and selling the bread you've come to love at a brick-and-mortar bakery in St. Paul, set to open later this year.

The mission of The Bakery on 22 St. has always been to provide a better loaf of bread for its community by showcasing the complex flavor profiles of cooked fermented grains while rigorously considering the broader impacts of food on our bodies and environment. These guiding principles continue to be the foundational pillars upon which I have based my partnership with the Baldinger Family, as we work together to create:
(drum-roll please…)  Razava Bread Co. - a new Bakery that is scheduled to open on Grand Ave. in St. Paul later this year.

Please keep your ear close to the ground as more information about this exciting new project will be released soon…

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your loyalty and support. I have enjoyed baking for you over the past couple of years and I am grateful for the trust you have placed in me, and for your love and appetite for real bread. It is your continued support that has enabled me to improve and refine my baking skills to the point that I now feel confident enough (or at least brave enough…) to pursue this new venture. So, with the spirit of flour power, a fist-full of courage and a hopefully healthy dose of self-doubt, The Bakery on 22 St. is signing off for now, and will re-emerge later this year, bigger and better at Razava Bread Co.

And in the meantime, you guessed it -  please try to eat more vegetables!

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