No bread on November 23rd

Dear Bread Connoisseurs, 

We are sorry to inform you that you will not receive your weekly loaf on Wednesday, 11/23 

Our baker is sick and will not be able to bake this week.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

* Subscribers won't be affected, PayPal customers will receive a refund



The Bakery on 22 St. 

is looking for helping hands!


If you, or anybody you know, are interest in being a baker’s assistant for a few hours a week, please leave your info via the contact form with your name, number, email and a brief message, and I’ll be in touch soon.


$15 / Hr

Flexible hours are possible.

No baking experience required!


Dear Bread Connoisseurs!

I am excited to announce that 



For exact dates and locations please visit:

Deliveries are currently at capacity. Please join waiting list and you will be contacted once a spot opens up.

Loaves are baked every Wednesday morning. Please keep in mind that the sourdough baking process requires a slow "building" of the dough which begins a couple of days before the day the loaves are actually baked.


For this reason, orders for the same week are accepted until Monday at 8:00pm for a loaf on Wednesday. This is the last chance I have to adjust the number of loaves for that week’s bake.


If you missed the deadline, you are welcome to try your luck through the contact form but no guarantees…

Bake Day


*PLEASE READ                           BEFORE ORDERING*


One at a Time, or All at Once?

Single Orders

As simple as it sounds. click the ‘Get Bread’ button, choose the product you would like to order and add to your cart or proceed to checkout.






Never miss the ordering window with a CSA type subscription, and get a steady supply of wholesome, delicious, nutritious, real bread. Your continual monthly support would be helping to grow and expand the bakery and ultimately, make nourishing, real bread accessible to an even broader, ever-growing community.

Currently Not Available 

Subscription Options

Weekly / Biweekly

Subscriptions are now offered also on a biweekly basis. For those of you who don’t consume enough bread for a weekly loaf but still want the convenience of a subscription, this one is for you. Get your bread supply every other week!

Simply Seasonal

Only the name has changed… everything else, the same as before. Every week, or two (your choice), you will receive a Seasonal House Loaf.

Trust the Baker

For those who are feeling more adventurous, you will receive a different loaf every week or two (again, your choice), alternating between the Seasonal House Loaf, the Pan Francese, a ½ Miche and occasionally, a surprise ‘off menu’ loaf.

*Subscriptions will renew automatically every month until cancelled.*