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Miche - Made popular by the famous Poilâne Bakery in Paris, this is a 3.5lbs family loaf that in days past was baked in communal ovens in the French countryside. Made with high-extraction wheat flour, spelt and rye, this is a big flavor bread, robust, earthy and full of character, with a bold, zesty tang. The crust is unabashedly dark and chewy while crumb is dense and extra moist which helps it keep for 5-7 days and longer. In fact, the bread is at its most flavorful on days 3 and 4. It is perfectly suited for salty or smoked fish, pâtés and pickles, chutneys, fruit jams or ricotta with a drizzle of wild flower honey. Available as a full or half loaf.


Heritage Pan Francese - Combining the elongated elegance of a baguette but with the rustic airiness of a ciabatta, and made with 100% Organic Turkey Red heritage wheat*, mostly with a Type 65 flour which has a higher mineral content than regular all purpose flour. This contributes to a softer mouthfeel of the crumb as well as having added nutritional benefits. A small percentage of organic heritage whole wheat is also added for nutrition and flavor. It is a light and aromatic bread, great for dipping in olive oil and balsamic, or loading with rich salted butter, and topping it with your favorite cured meats. Flavor profile is sweet and floral with a mild acidity and faint earthy undertones from the whole wheat.


Frozen Pizza Crust (3-Pack) - Store bought pizza crusts usually come in very colorful packages with very big letters, very long ingredient lists and deliver very little nutritional value or flavor. These sourdough, par-baked, real rustic pizza crusts are made with organic heritage wheat and you can be sure that they contain no additives or preservatives. Made with flour, water, sea salt, and genuine extra virgin olive oil, just add your sauce, cheese and toppings to serve a quick and easy dinner that always makes everybody happy. Pairs perfectly with funny movies and cold beer!


Deli Rye Lavosh Crackers - Lavosh bread is probably the first bread ever made. It originates in Armenia and is still prevalent throughout Western Asia, particularly the South Caucasus region and the the areas surrounding the Caspian Sea, as well as the Middle East. In its soft version it is usually used for wraps, dipping in soup and soaking up the saucy remains of delicious stews. When it dries, it hardens and turns into a crisp-bread that can keep almost indefinitely and has become very popular worldwide as a dipping and cheese-bearing cracker, often adorned with a verity of fragrant seeds. This version is a Jewish Deli Rye in the form of a cracker. It is made with a sourdough starter, a blend of wheat and rye, and sprinkled with caraway and coriander. Load it up with a sharp mustard and corned beef to get the full deli experience with a crunch.

the HOUSE loaf


Seasonal House Loaf - Tweaked and modified over almost a year of making just one type of bread, it is now... still far from perfect, but inching closer. The Bakery’s signature loaf is a 1½ lbs hearty oblong, made with approx. 80% Turkey Red heritage wheat* blended with other locally stone milled, organic whole grains, continuously adjusted for the right balance of texture, flavor and nutrition. This is a versatile loaf that can be good for sandwiches, tartines, dipping in soup or as a base for your favorite condiments and cheeses. Flavor profile is rich and nutty with a lively tang and sweet, fruity undertones. I recommend toasting after 4th day. Stale leftovers make wonderful croutons.

*Many people find heritage wheat more digestible.

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