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Seasonal House Loaf 

The Bakery’s signature loaf is a versetile, 1½ lbs hearty oblong, everyday loaf, made with a 80/20% blend of eurepean style white flour, and other locally stone milled, organic whole grains, continuously adjusted for the right balance of texture, flavor and nutrition.



A 3.5lbs family country bread that in days past was baked in communal village ovens in the French countryside. Made with a blend of sifted whole grains, predominantly wheat spelt and rye, this is a big flavor bread, robust, earthy and full of character, with a bold zesty tang.


Heritage Pan Francese 

Combining the elongated elegance of a baguette but with the rustic airiness of a ciabatta. Great for dipping in olive oil or loading with rich buttery cheeses, Flavor profile is sweet and floral with a mild acidity and gentle earthy undertones. Made with 100% organic turkey red heritage wheat.*


* some peaople report having better response to heritage wheat after displaying sensitivities to modern wheat. 


The San Fransisco 

An American original! (long before the sugary wheat sponge dressed up like a superhero... ) This hearty white, mild, sweet yet also quite noticeably tangy bread, comes from the the baking traditions that were developed in the bay area sometime during the gold rush era. The naturally cooler tempertures of the area allowed bakers to experiment with longer fermentation times, and thus achieving the distinct San Francisco Sourdough flavor. 


Deli Rye Crispbread

This is a NY Deli Rye in the form of a cracker. It is made with discard sourdough starter, a blend of wheat and rye, and seeded with caraway, flax and coriander. Load it up with a sharp mustard and corned beef pastrami to get the full deli experience with a crunch!



Salads and soups, get ready for an upgrade! As part of my strive toward minimum waste, leftovers from the bakery’s selection of breads are cubed and lightly tossed in EV olive oil and sea salt, slow-baked and fully dehydrated until perfectly golden crisp with an extra loud crunch!


Frozen Pizza Crust (3-Pack) 

These sourdough, par-baked, real rustic pizza crusts contain no additives or preservatives. Made with a eurepean style flour, water, salt, and genuine extra virgin olive oil, just add your sauce, cheese and toppings to serve a quick and easy dinner that always makes everybody happy. Pairs perfectly with funny movies and beer! 

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