These sourdough, par-baked, real rustic pizza crusts are made with organic heritage wheat and you can be sure that they contain no additives or preservatives. Made with organic flour, water, salt, and genuine extra virgin olive oil, just add your sauce, cheese and toppings to serve a quick and easy dinner that always makes everybody happy. Pairs perfectly with funny movies and beer! 


Ingredients: Organic heritage Turkey Red wheat flour, organic stone ground wheat flour, water, organic rye flour, organic malted barley flour, extra virgin olive oil, Mediterranean sea salt.


[ This product is homemade and not subject to state inspection ] 

Contains: wheat

Pizza Crusts 3-Pk


    Sold frozen and available for pickup on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Select your pickup day and pick up at your convenience any time on that day or thereafter. Not available for delivery except if ordered in addition to bread. Deliveries are made only on Fridays.